Gaoqiao Petrochemical Fine Chemicals Profit Hits Record High

The Gaoqiao Petrochemical Fine Chemicals Department adheres to the market-oriented approach, reduces costs within the external extension market, and ensures maximum profitability. Total profit from January to October totaled 44.7 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 69%, setting a record for the Fine Chemicals Department since its establishment. A new record high.

Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Fine Chemicals has implemented a series of energy-saving and consumption-reduction measures in a multi-pronged manner, completing the DCP condensation and top-liquid, BIPB reduction secondary reaction industrial test conclusions and industrial production, water plant clean water pump up-conversion control and 12,000 tons/year plant Condensing water ring vacuum pump with frequency conversion and other items. The Fine Chemicals Department stepped up its basic management, actively building product quality assurance projects, focused on consolidating the market, expanding sales targets, strengthening communication with customers, increasing the ratio of production to sales, achieving a balance between production and sales, and adopting different pricing strategies for different customer groups. , Actively insure prices to push prices, to achieve the push price in place.

More than 50% of the products of the Fine Chemicals Department entered the international market, and the steady promotion of prices was implemented, which not only digested the difficulty of raw material price increase, but also absorbed the pressure of RMB appreciation and absorbed the pressure of rising costs.

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