Application of Automatic Corn Seed Tester in Corn Planting

In the production research work, due to the restriction of corn growth conditions, a large amount of work needs to rely on the judgment of the external features such as form, color, texture, and so on. The extraction of this information needs to rely on manual measurement, so related tools are also very necessary. However, some simple measurement tools have a large workload, are cumbersome, subjective, and difficult to verify measurement data, and some feature values ​​are difficult to quantify and describe, which seriously restricts the promotion of advanced production technology in corn science research and production. Therefore, more and more studies have applied digital image processing techniques to the corn planting process to solve the issue of extracting corn characteristic information. Automatic corn tester is a commonly used instrument in current work.

The technique of using computer image processing technology to quickly and accurately extract the outline of maize seeds has made preliminary preparations for the evaluation of corn seed level. According to the outline of corn seed shape, we can further identify the corn seed size, style, matching, etc., so as to provide an effective method for the classification of corn seed level.

Based on the existing research experience, a tentative study was made on the application of digital image processing technology in corn test. In the outdoor examination of corn, a large amount of plant data needs to be measured in the field, the tools are relatively simple, and the manual reading error is large. The indoor test work, the workload is large, time-consuming and laborious, prone to error. Therefore, the application of the automatic corn tester alleviates these two deficiencies and is more convenient and quicker.

In summary, the automatic maize seed tester has a wide range of applications in the corn field. However, there are few mature products based on image processing technology that can be applied directly to the production practice, and most of them remain in the laboratory test phase. Therefore, the productization of research results will be an important direction of development.

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