In the first half of the year, the export volume of silicon metal in Erlian Port increased significantly

At 12:20 on July 25th, Xinjiang Tianye 1.2 million tons of joint chemical phase two 400,000 tons/year PVC project No. 7 US Sourcing air compressor started smoothly, marking the entire project construction fully entered the pipeline purging pressure test stage.

The headquarters of Xinjiang Tianye 1.2 million ton joint chemical phase 2 400,000 ton/year PVC project preparation office has successively formulated and implemented a series of programs such as scientifically rigorous air pressure pipeline purging pressure test, air compressor test and air pressure driving. This further ensures the success of the air pressure test at one time.

At present, Xinjiang Tianye 1.2 million tons of combined chemical phase two 400,000 tons/year PVC project is undergoing various finishing operations before the trial. Since July, the headquarter of Xinjiang Tianye 1.2 million-tonne joint chemical phase II 400,000-ton/year PVC project construction office has set the target for completion and commissioning on schedule on the 1st of October, accelerating the pace of project construction, combining the progress of the construction and participation. The installation unit of the project construction adopted a reward system to further boost morale and promote the rapid construction of the project. Through the day and night of the Tianye constructors' fight, from the rapid installation of large-scale equipment in place, the successful transmission of 35KV switchyards to the successful completion of today's air-pressure processes, the entire project was completed in just over a year, and progress has been achieved by leaps and bounds. One after another, the myth of the construction of the chemical industry has truly achieved "a high starting point, a high standard, a high speed, a pursuit of high efficiency, a large investment, a large construction, a big leap to achieve great development."

Xinjiang Tianye 1.2 million tons joint chemical project second phase 400,000 tons/year PVC and supporting engineering is a coal-electricity-chemical-building material integrated calcium carbide polyvinyl chloride production project with a complete supporting industrial chain and meeting the characteristics of circular economy development. Its construction is also an important step for Xinjiang Tianye to implement industrial restructuring and transform its development approach. After completion and putting into operation in October this year, Xinjiang Tianye will achieve a capacity of 1.1 million tons/year of PVC, becoming the largest chlor-alkali chemical production base in the country, and fulfilling the requirements of the CPC Corps Party Committee in the chlor-alkali industry “China No. 1, Asia No. 2, and the world”. The third goal.

Cold Drawn Steel Flat Bar

Cold drawn steel flat bar is produced by cold drawn from hot rolled steel flat bar. Compared to steel flat bar cut from the steel plates. Our advantages of cold drawn steel flat bars:

1) Wide range of sizes from (6mm - 80mm)*(20mm - 100mm)

2) Customized Length from 100mm to 12000mm

3) Good straightness: 2mm/m max

4) Precision size tolerance: -0.1mm/+0mm

5) Anti-rusty package

6) Full sets of testing equipment: Surface, Dimenstion. Mechanical properties testing

7) Fast delivery time

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