The working principle and application of level gauge

1, magnetic column level gauge main principle Magnetic column level gauge is also known as the magnetic flip level gauge, its structure is mainly based on buoyancy and magnetic force principle of design and production. The position of the float with a magnet (referred to as a magnetic float) in the measured medium is affected by the buoyant force. The change of the liquid level results in the change of the position of the magnetic float, and the coupling of the magnetic float and the magnetostatic force of the magnetic tilt column (also called the magnetic flip plate) causes the magnetic tilt column to flip over a certain angle (the surface of the magnetic tilt column coats different colors), and reflects The level of fluid in the container.
The electronic module and transmitter module, which is composed of sensors (reed switches) and precision electronic components, can transmit output resistance signals, current values ​​(4 to 20 mA), switching signals, and other electrical signals. In order to achieve the perfect combination of on-site observation and remote control.
Applicable Scope and Features It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.
The magnetic column level gauge can be used for level measurement and control in various industrial automation process controls. Can be widely used in petroleum processing, food processing, chemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, power, paper, metallurgy, shipbuilding and boilers in the field of liquid level measurement, control and monitoring.

2, explosion-proof float level switch
The main principle
Explosion-proof float level switch, also known as explosion-proof float level controller. It is a liquid level control instrument designed and manufactured specifically for use in explosive environments. This product is designed based on buoyancy principle and lever principle. When the liquid level in the container changes, the position of the float will change with the change of liquid level. The displacement of the float ball will act on the micro switch by lever, and then the switch signal will be generated by the micro switch.
Applicable Scope and Features Explosion-proof float level switch can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries. It can realize the brake alarm and control of the liquid level in various containers.

3. Glass tube level gauge Working principle and structure The liquid level gauge is designed based on the principle of the communicator and consists of a glass tube. The passage is connected to the vessel under test by means of a flange or a taper thread to form a communicating device. The liquid level observed through the glass tube is the same as the liquid level in the container, that is, the height of the liquid level.
The tube type liquid level meter mainly consists of a glass tube, a protective cover, an upper and lower valve, and a connecting flange (or thread). Level gauges change the material of the parts or add some additional components to achieve anti-corrosion or thermal insulation.
Applicable Scope and Features Tubular liquid level gauges have excellent performance (such as high temperature, high pressure, etc.). In addition, it has the advantages of simple structure, economy and practicality, convenient installation, reliable operation and long service life.
As the basic liquid level indicator, it is widely used in the measurement and monitoring of liquid level in the simple level measurement occasions and large-scale engineering projects with low automation.

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