Kelansu Environmental Protection was named as a Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

Recently, the environmental protection of Kelansu was officially rated as a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province by the Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprises Association. This is the second June 27, 2015 KLS environmentally friendly product line-off ceremony of the 10 million barrels a success, KLS environmental protection came another piece of good news.

Kelansu Environmental Protection was named as a Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province
Kelansu Environmental Protection was named as a Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

In recent years, Kosan Environmental has actively responded to national environmental protection policies, closely focused on the work of reducing emissions from vehicles, and constantly increasing the research and development of products in the automotive environmental protection field. R&D of the National IV emission standard is supported by vehicle urea and vehicle urea filling equipment. SCR system special maintenance and other products, so as to continuously enhance the company's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, promote the transformation of automotive aftermarket companies to meet market demand and supply.

It is understood that on the 27th of the release ceremony of the 10 million barrels of environmental protection products of the company, the new products recently developed by the company were officially introduced to the market. This product is a "holding smooth urea solution for car crystallization," compared with ordinary car urea, anti-crystallization car urea has a stronger affinity for water, can effectively solve the urea crystal urea nozzle clogging, urea tank, urea tube Problems such as road crystallization and fouling problems, prolong the cleaning cycle of the SCR urea nozzle and the injection zone pipeline, ensure the continuous normal operation of the SCR system, and bring a brand new user experience to the consumers.

Experts of the evaluation team of the Jiangsu Private Technology Association also stated in the review process that the environmental protection of the company is a cutting-edge brand in the automotive aftermarket, with high technological innovation and independent innovation capabilities, in order to promote the transformation of the automotive aftermarket and the development of environmental protection. Played a good exemplary role.

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