Faru launches FARO-VantageLaserTracker product line

Lake Mary, Florida –
Industrial Measurement, Product Design, Building Construction BIM/CIM, Public Safety Forensics, and 3D Measurement and Imaging Solution Provider FARO, the Most Trusted by Global Users in the 3D Solutions and Service Applications Industry
(NASDAQ: FARO) Announced the launch of a new generation of laser trackers. The new FARO Laser Tracker Vantage product line sets new price/performance standards for solving large-scale measurement challenges including, but not limited to, assembly calibration, component and component inspection, equipment installation and calibration, and reverse engineering.

The FARO Vantage product line includes two high-performance laser trackers: VantageE with a working radius of 25 meters and VantageS with a working radius of 80 meters. These two compact models feature industry-leading portability, an integrated main controller (MCU), hot-swappable batteries to replace AC power and cables, and industrial-grade Wi-Fi for reliable wireless communication. All of these advanced features are integrated into a single-handle-loadable device that can easily be transported anywhere in the factory.

The new FARO Vantage Laser Tracker platform is the first to adopt FARO
RemoteControlsTM workflow software (patent pending)
Ability to use the phone or tablet for advanced control of the system. Mobile devices not only control the movement of the laser tracker, but also provide enhanced features such as real-time video feed to the camera so that an operator can easily control the laser tracker anywhere in the measurement area . In addition, it has innovative workflow management features such as remote accuracy verification and programmable remote warm-up, so users can turn the device on early and the operator can start working as soon as it is reached.

RemoteControlsTM also has another revolutionary feature that automatically resets the laser beam with a simple set of gestures, whether indoors or outdoors. By avoiding the need to manually recapture the target when the laser beam is interrupted, efficiency and productivity are greatly improved. At the same time, FARO
RemoteControlsTM also greatly enhances the ease of operation and greatly reduces the user's training needs.

Both FARO VantageS and FARO VantageE support FARO's patented Super 6DoF
(DOF) TrackArm solution, which enables a Vantage Tracker and a FARO
ScanArm or multiple ScanArms work together to create a complete 3D measurement solution in a coordinate system. "Super 6DoF" completely overcomes the line of sight problem, greatly expanding the measurement range, while using 2-in-1 device operation to ensure excellent accuracy.

“The new FARO Vantage Laser Tracker when applied in most challenging environments
The product range has proven to be very efficient. It has been tested to meet the stringent standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for shock and vibration, to withstand extreme temperature conditions and to be dust and water resistant to IP52. ”
FARO President and CEO Simon
Dr. Raab said, “We are very aware of our role as an innovative company in this field, and we know better that our responsibility is to drive end-user experience as a key driver to drive innovation. The new Vantage
The Laser Tracker family combines usability innovation with value-oriented pricing to set a new cost-effective benchmark for laser trackers in large-scale, accurate measurements. We are convinced that FARO
These innovative features offered by the Vantage platform will be ideal for demanding factory measurement applications. ”

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