New Beautiful Fuel Dispenser About I-Win112

Model NO.: I-Win112
Origin: Wenzhou, China
HS Code: 8413110000
Product Description
RT-G482 fuel dispenser for 8 nozzles,both suction and submersible is availble
Pumping unit: High Performance Gear pumping unit
Motor:400 V, 3 Phase / 220V, 1 Phase / 110V, 1 Phase Motors
Meter:4-Pistion displacement flow meter
Electronics Calculator:Bluesky LT-C MPD controller
Display:LCD backlit
Hose column/Powder coated steel/Valves
Two stage electronic solenoid valve
Hydraulics cabinet door
Doors of hydraulic compartment - Powder coated steel
Calculator head: Polycarbonate door
Nozzles:ZVA with Anti Kink Sleeves for hoses I 16 mm Spouts for unleaded petrol I
19 mm for diesel I 21 mm for vapour recovery I 25 mm for Diesel HF/UHF
Hose:3/4 inch, UL standard for option
Hose management:External hose (hose retraction optional)
Characteristics & Performance
Temperature range:-20oC to +55oC (-40oC optional)
Meter flow rate:From 70L/min up to 120L/min as an option
Power supply:230V (+10%; -15%), 50Hz ± 2Hz (400V 3phase also supplied)
Robust and reliable but designed to attract customers, Pioneer provides leading edge technology
with the flexibility to suit your needs.
Product specifications
Protocol: RS422 & RS485

Gilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel DispenserGilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel DispenserGilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel DispenserGilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel Dispenser

*The material can be stainless, or painting.
*The title of nameplate can be made as your own company name.
*The appearance is up to you, for example, the position of keyboard. You can put it on the front, or on the side.
*You can send us your own logo, to paint on the dispenser; or you can send us  big pictures, and we can print them as water-proof stickers, to stick on the front door, the top or the display panel.

Blue Sky parts of fuel dispenser, oil dispenser, gasoline dispenser, petrol dispenser, diesel dispenser
Gilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel Dispenser

1. Blue Sky used to be the first factory special for dispenser controller in China. With over 20 years' history in this field and continuous optimization & innovation, Blue Sky makes controllers with as many functions as you like.
2. Almost every part is made by Blue Sky itself, including controller, flowmeter and pump, since Blue Sky finds that other factories' products cannot meet its demands and requirements due to the increasingly thriving business all over the world.
3. Professional, steady and advanced as Blue Sky is, its products already passed ATEX, OIML and other standards.
4. With top-ranking staff, some of which are from the first dispenser factory in China, and some belong to the new generation, Blue Sky dispensers boast sound market reputation, extensive business channels, solid customer foundation and strong market competitiveness.
5. Persisting to the principle of "making trade services the forerunner of the business", Blue Sky will strive for high efficiency, passion, integrity to provide customers with superior trade services.

Presentation of Blue Sky factory
Gilbarco Type 4-Pump&8-Nozzle&2-Displays (Rt-G482) Fuel Dispenser

A DC MOTOR is any of a class of electrical machines that converts direct current electrical power into mechanical power. The most common types rely on the forces produced by magnetic fields. Nearly all types of DC Motors have some internal mechanism, either electromechanical or electronic, to periodically change the direction of current flow in part of the motor.

1.TYPE:Short mechanical,Long mechanical,Long electrom-Agnetism,W-7923,Double speed,W-8933,W-9114,W-5692,W-6206,W-8818N,W-8999D,W-8992,W-8901E,W-8934D,W-8943,W-9405,IM0039,IM0054 etc
2.VOLTAGE:12V / 24V
5.TARQUE:1N.m-10 N.m

DC Motors


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