Drying bamboo rafts in Fuxi Edible Fungus Cooperative of Rongxi Village, Shanzhuang Township, Anfu County

On June 28th, Fumin Edible Fungus Cooperative of Rongxi Village, Shanzhuang Township, Anfu County, was drying bamboo rafts. In 2015, Wujiahua, Zhou Weiwei and Tang Lehua, the returning farmers of the village, transferred 30 mu of land to establish a rich edible fungus cooperative, with an annual output of 4,000 kg of dried bamboo stalks. In 2016, the cooperative was listed as a “poverty alleviation workshop”. During the picking season, each of the 30 poor households working here will receive a labor income of more than 10,000 yuan to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation.

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