Shandong Dingtao District Agricultural Machinery Bureau held a training course on grain drying mechanization technology

On July 17, Dingtao District Agricultural Machinery Bureau invited technical experts from grain drying machinery manufacturers to go to Qingshan Agricultural Machinery Cooperative to hold a training course on grain drying mechanization technology. More than 40 people including Qingshan Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative and nearby large agricultural machinery and large grain farmers participated in the training.
In the Qingshan Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, the manufacturer's technical experts explained in detail the types, basic structure and working principle of the grain dryer, use and operation, machine safety, routine maintenance, common fault diagnosis and elimination, and the choice and future of the dryer. development trend.
Through training, the agricultural machinery cooperatives have mastered the use technology of grain dryers, which has improved the understanding of dryers and laid the foundation for further improving the disaster prevention capacity of grain production and promoting the mechanization process of grain production.

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