East wind power T5 dump truck incarnation sanitation pioneer

On July 23, 2018, in the site of Shanghai Jianquan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Jianquan”), the designated dealer of the Engineering Vehicle Division of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., a row of blue and white East Wind Power was neatly placed. The T5 dump truck awaits the arrival of the delivery moment.

East Wind Power T5 dump truck East Wind Power T5 dump truck

This group of blue and white elves is specially customized by a Shanghai cleaning service company according to the color requirements of Shanghai sanitation special vehicles. Their participation will definitely make the city look more beautiful and beautiful.

Thanks to the excellent configuration and comfortable maneuverability of the East Wind Turbine T5 dump truck, this model is known as the “city green ring guardian”. It is understood that the ten East Wind Power T5s delivered this time are mainly used for garbage transportation in the residential areas of Shanghai and surrounding towns, and are closely related to the lives of local residents.

Because the residential route has the complexity of narrower roads and more curved roads, the vehicles used in the community sanitation need to meet the requirements of flexibility, convenience and high efficiency. The East Wind Turbine T5 dump truck has become the best choice for customers. The wheelbase of this model is 2800mm, the turning radius is small, and it has good passability; the whole vehicle height is less than 2.2m, it can easily enter and exit the basement, and the narrow area has more advantages.

At the same time, the East Wind Power T5 dump truck is equipped with a low-speed high-torque engine in the cloud , equipped with a five-speed rear sub-transmission, powerful, saving time and effort, and easily coping with complex road conditions. Its flexible and light operability, solid and reliable quality and excellent transportation capacity have been highly praised and recognized by customers.

Mr. Liu said: "This car is small and exquisite, the configuration is also high, and the pull is much faster. The 'Dongfeng' brand is trustworthy." Previously, the customer was an old friend of Shanghai Jianquan and used Dongfeng light-duty engineering vehicles for a long time. Its models. I felt the high-quality products and professional services of Dongfeng Light-duty Engineering Vehicles. Without much comparison, Mr. Liu chose the East Wind Power T5 dump truck.

As the industry's leading light truck brand, Dongfeng light engineering vehicles are very popular in the field of sanitation. In the large and medium-sized cities across the country, we can always see the Dongfeng light-duty engineering vehicle sanitation vehicles. They act as guardians of the urban environment and bring a comfortable living environment to the local residents.

At present, these environmental sanitation pioneers have been officially assigned to the environmental sanitation work in the residential areas of Shanghai and its surrounding towns. Their outstanding performance has greatly improved the environmental sanitation efficiency of urban communities.

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