Interpretation of the advantages of metal crusher dust removal

Metal crusher is used to crush the name suggests is a metal Crushing Equipment, metal crusher has probably decades of history, its major products are broken these items cans, paint bucket, iron, leather, shells and other vehicles. Another important component of the metal crusher is the cyclone.

Today, there is a cyclone to explain to everyone, and we will explain in detail some of the advantages of this device. The cyclone dust collector is not difficult to understand from the name, that is, the metal crusher equipment plays the role of dust removal during the working process. The dust removal efficiency is inseparable from the length of the control cone diameter. The characteristics of the length of the cone are mainly twofold:

First, the length of the cone is generally 2.8 times the diameter of the cylinder. One of the characteristics of the long cone cyclone is that the length of the straight section is short. When the inlet gas velocity is less than 14M/S, the length of the straight section is independent of the dust removal efficiency: when the inlet gas velocity is greater than 14M/S, the dust removal efficiency is increased due to the increase of the length of the straight section. The drag coefficient increases as the length of the straight section shortens.

Second, the dust removal efficiency gradually increases with the increase of the length of the cone, and the drag coefficient decreases with the increase of the length of the cone. However, when the cone reaches a certain length, the effect is reversed.

The global environmental protection heat has promoted the rapid development of resource recycling related industries. The equipment necessary for processing scrap steel involves shearing machines, metal balers, metal crusher production lines, and supporting magnetic separation, non-ferrous metal sorting and other equipment. . Compared with iron ore smelting, crushing and crushing, etc., the short-process smelting of finished materials is the most energy-saving and highest-output processing method. Therefore, the metal crusher will inevitably become a popular equipment that everyone is looking for in the future.

The dust removal problem of metal crushers has always been a subject of our research. What we can do is to apply some of the more advanced dust removal technologies we know to our products. Whether it is a metal crusher or other types of crushers, the dust removal device is a kind of equipment that must be installed, so the lifting of the dust removal device is the basis for our crusher.

Sheep Feed Pellet Production Line

Cattle and sheep feed definition
Cattle and mutton animals are ruminants. Anti-caries are foods that are half-digested in the stomach after a period of time. They are chewed again in the mouth. The ruminants are animals that have this way of digestion. Ruminant feed includes feed for ruminants such as cattle, sheep, and camels. The ruminant feed is divided into concentrate and fully mixed diet.
raw material
The raw materials of ruminant feed mainly include: corn, wheat, barley, soybean meal and other grain raw materials (similar to livestock and poultry feed), and also contain raw materials such as grass, hay and straw.
Process flow introduction
The ruminant feed (bovine and mutton) is characterized by coarse pulverization (screen size 4-8mm), low curing and quenching requirements (the granulator uses a single layer conditioner), and the finished granules are large in diameter (the granule diameter is about 4).  The whole line is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be oriented according to customer requirements.

Sheep Feed Production Line

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