How to extend the life of smart gates?

How to extend the life of a smart gate is as simple as that! Far from smart
Everything in the world has a certain life span, and even smart products are no exception. Nowadays, the intelligence of a person's hand, even if properly maintained, the frequency of its replacement is also about 2 to 3 years.
As an entry-level intelligent security product, the intelligent gates need to be carefully maintained to extend their service life.
Then, overlooking the intelligence, it sorts out some smart gate maintenance tips to help extend the life of the smart gate.
Check lock body
The appearance of the intelligent brake body is mostly made of stainless steel. Do not touch the surface of the lock body with corrosive substances during daily use, such as acidic substances, so as not to damage the appearance of the lock body or cause oxidation of the surface coating, which affects the gloss of the lock surface.
Battery replacement
When the battery of the intelligent gate is low, it is necessary to replace the battery in time to avoid the corrosion of the intelligent gate circuit board caused by the acidic liquid of the used battery, resulting in rust and aging of the circuit board.
Movement maintenance
As the primary mechanical structure of a smart gate, the movement naturally cannot ignore maintenance. It is found that the movement is not very active or can not adhere to the correct orientation. At this time, the lock cylinder should be filled with lubricating oil: remove the side trim, use the oil gun to spray oil to the lock cylinder, and roll the handle and knob until the door lock is active.
Regular maintenance
The service life of the intelligent gate is inseparable from its maintenance work. For example, to ensure the cleanness of the intelligent gates, periodically check the technical status of the intelligent gates, and find out that the parts are handled in time, and the parts that are loose and misaligned are tightened in time. Adjustment, preventive changes to some consumables.
Routine maintenance
In addition to the above four points, daily maintenance is also an important point in the intelligent brake maintenance method. We need to maintain a good habit of using, do not rudely and arbitrarily operate the intelligent gate, to accurately apply and operate the intelligent gate, to reduce and avoid the malfunction of the intelligent gate caused by human error.
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