Taixin Machinery: small enough, strong enough, stable enough

At present, the country has imposed increasingly stringent requirements on industry norms and environmental protection. Taixin Machinery continues to provide high-efficiency, reliable, durable and economical mechanical products for customers. At present, it has KR40/KR50 low-cost micro-rotation series, KR60 village construction rotary-excavation series, KR80/KR90 multi-function rotary Digging series, KR125/KR150 overall transport rotary digging series, KR220/KR285 medium rotary digging series not only enriched the small rotary digging product line, but also provided customers with a variety of options and more comprehensive solutions to help China's basic engineering industry. .


For example, the KR125 overall transport rig adopts the mature and reliable Liugong excavator chassis, and its high-performance hydraulic system and control system ensure the efficient construction and real-time monitoring of the rig; it is designed in strict accordance with the EU safety standard EN16228 to meet dynamic and static stability. Sexual requirements to ensure construction safety. The maximum drilling depth is 37m and the maximum drilling diameter is 1300mm. KR90 rotary drilling rig, using CAT excavator chassis, has more excellent stability and quality assurance, the maximum drilling depth is 32m, and the large drilling diameter is 1200mm. Compared with other brands, the power is much higher, and the greater power ensures that the equipment has the power.

KR125A rotary drilling rig


KR90C small rotary drilling rig

Small, born

Based on the full investigation of the Chinese market and customer needs, in recent years, in China's construction machinery industry, pile-driving machinery products have sprung up in recent years and have developed rapidly. They not only dominate the domestic market, but also break through overseas and continue to occupy the original. It belongs to the traditional market of big European brands and has become a rare sub-sector in the Chinese construction machinery industry with the right to speak in the international market. With the growing popularity of domestic piling brands, the models of various companies are getting bigger and bigger in the fierce market competition, while Taixin Machinery is characterized by “small” and the general trend of the industry decline in the past. It has gradually come to the fore and has achieved impressive results.

KR80M multi-function rotary drilling rig

Convenient and wise choice

As the saying goes, "Save your mind and effort is a good design" centralized maintenance point, keep the rig clean, every time you complete a project, thoroughly clean the rig and drilling tools, remove mud, dirt, grease and other debris, you can reduce Corrosion of the surface of the rig is also convenient for inspection of various components. In addition, the function of the filter element is to filter impurities in the oil circuit or gas path, prevent impurities from intruding into the system and cause malfunction; use a pure filter element that meets the requirements of the machine; all kinds of filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of (Operation and Maintenance Manual), when replacing the filter element It should be checked whether metal is attached to the old filter element. If metal particles are found, timely diagnosis and improvement measures should be taken. It is worth mentioning that Taixin Machinery can remotely guide the installation of oil and fuel filter cartridges, enabling operators to carry out daily maintenance work on the ground, and routinely changing oil and filter elements is very easy.

KR220C rotary drilling rig

The excellent quality of the products and the mature after-sales service are the strong guarantee for the best-selling products of Taixin Machinery. (This article is from Taixin Machinery)

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