Reduce the grain planting area and never cross the "boundary"

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Nowadays, agricultural restructuring has become a popular vocabulary in the Northeast. Talking about agriculture must talk about agricultural restructuring. Talking about agricultural restructuring must reduce corn planting area and replant soybeans, miscellaneous grains, feed crops and cash crops. .

Reduce the grain planting area and never cross the "boundary"
In recent years, due to the decline in the efficiency of growing grain, the willingness of farmers to grow grain in the main grain-producing areas has generally declined, and some places have begun to have a tendency of “non-food”. Experts believe that the current trend of “non-food” is an inevitable phenomenon in the process of agricultural restructuring. The three major cereals of corn, wheat and rice have been harvested for many years, and the supply exceeds demand. The market price is low, which affects farmers' income from grain production. Corn market-based acquisition reforms, encouraging unsuitable grain-growing areas to replant other cash crops, and changing the comparative benefits of food and cash crops, such as the “Sword Bay” region to reduce corn, replanting cash crops is the government’s initiative to guide non-grain "." This will help to get rid of the “three highs” of food and reduce the supply of corn with a serious excess.
However, the adjustment of agricultural structure must respect the objective economic laws. In the round of agricultural restructuring in the 1980s, the area of ​​grain planting was reduced too much, leading to a “saddle shape” in food production, causing losses to the interests of farmers and causing fluctuations in market supply and demand. The lessons of the former car, the teacher of the aftermath. In the current process of adjusting the agricultural structure, we must take measures to prevent the negative impact of excessively rapid reduction of grain area and large-scale production, which will ultimately affect national food security.
The northeast region is the core area of ​​the country's main grain production, and plays a role in ensuring national food security. Therefore, the adjustment of planting structure in the northeast region must be carried out on the premise of ensuring national food security, and a reasonable boundary should be determined for the reduction of grain planting area.

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