"Stright, go in steps!" How Xichai sang into a tune

December 1, 2015, to "upgrade the power of perseverance" as the theme of the FAW Wuxi Diesel HENGWEI 4 / 6DLD country five product launches will be held in Wuxi Xichai plant. On November 24, 2015, FAW Xichai won the title of “2015 Outstanding Supplier” at the Annual Supplier Meeting of JAC Motor in 2016. On November 4, 2015, FAW Xichai was awarded “The 15th National Quality Award Organization Award”... FAW Xichai committed to advanced engine research adhered to a multi-pronged approach to product and service brand building under severe market conditions. Aowei Hengwei Kangwei products go hand in hand and will continue to sing brand concertos interwoven with quality and service in the future.

Market-based quality

Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. made the engine manufacturing process to the extreme with the identity of a Chinese power expert, ranking first in the heavy vehicle market and becoming the leader of domestic heavy truck engines. Among them, the market performance of Xichai represented by Aowei 11L machine has achieved outstanding results, and the contribution rate of product output value has increased from 43% in 2011 to 58% in 2015. Aowei 11L is widely praised by users and praised as “leading technology, low fuel consumption, and good quality”. “This engine sold 40,000 units in the downturn of the market in 2015, which is an increase compared to last year's sales volume.” Li Qianyang, executive vice president of FAW Xichai Sales Co., said in an interview with China Truck Network.

Executive Vice President Li Qianyang of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President Li Qianyang of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd.

As the core competitiveness of the liberation of heavy trucks, Xichai’s power advantage has been highlighted. In terms of market development, FAW Xichai’s layout is more detailed. Talking about the development of the market, Li Qiang, executive deputy general manager of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd., analyzed that if the market potential of products is used as the abscissa and the degree of competition is used as the ordinate, the product market can be divided into four blocks, that is, more sales. Those with strong competition are the Red Sea; those with less sales are blue oceans, those with less competition are those with the Dead Sea, and those with less competition are those with shallow waters. In Xichai products, Aowei 11L machines are the best in the blue ocean, and other Hengwei Conway and other products are in the Red Sea market.

Many companies are committed to the Red Sea and Blue Ocean strategy, but they are even more blue ocean. Li Qianyang believes that Xichai's products in the Red Sea market rarely have a cost advantage, and there is no unique advantage in this area, which is a homogeneous product. So, how to win in the highly competitive Red Sea? "To win in the Red Sea, we must work hard on quality. In addition, there is no other way!"

Terminal cultivating service is heavy

Service is one of the important supporting forces of a product brand based on the market. In the cultivating of the terminal market, FAW Xichai has always paid attention to what the end-users are concerned about, and digging deeper into their potential requirements. Li Qianyang, executive vice president of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd. stated that Xichai will better serve the terminals through the intelligent application of freight APP, and achieve 100% dispatch through the Smart Xichai APP to provide end users with more convenient and high-quality services.

In addition, the construction of customer service centers is the top priority for future terminal services. Li Qiang Yang pointed out that unlike the 1988 service stations currently being built nationwide, the service center is equivalent to moving the service room of the Xichai factory to the construction site of the service center, to achieve a unified standard through training, and to create a service for the Xichai brand. Model base. It is understood that Xichai plans to build 30 service centers nationwide. “We want to implement full maintenance for our products. That is, end-users can use their products without any worries and enjoy the benefits of continuous use. Whenever the engine is broken, Xichai will be responsible for it. Repair or replacement will also be made by tin. Firewood assumes that this is the concept of full-scale maintenance, and is an event to be done in Xichai's 13th Five-Year Plan."

Up and down the concerted new music

Today's rapidly growing road logistics market offers a huge opportunity for development. For the mid-size truck market where the Xichai Hengwei engine is matched, the demand in this market is positive. At the same time, FAW-Xichai pays attention to the country's five-emissions-upgrading strategic opportunity and expects to use Hengwei's five products as an opportunity to successfully open up the market, so as to achieve an overall effect. Li Qianyang stated that one of the key tasks of FAW Xichai in 2016 is to focus on promoting sales growth of the Hengwei brand.

FAW Xichai Hengwei 4/6DLD China Five Product Promotion Conference
FAW Xichai Hengwei 4/6DLD China Five Product Promotion Conference

Judging from the overall strategic plan, the four sections of the division of FAW Wuchai Sales Co., Ltd. liberation trucks, social power, non-road markets and overseas markets, all organizers responsible should be "singed into a tune", the brand goes hand in hand, In 2015, Aowei Hengwei Kangwei completed sales of 228,000 units in its key target markets, and strived to achieve sales of 240,000 units in 2016.

Green energy-saving and emission reduction is an irreversible trend. The continuous upgrading of emission standards is one of the favorable factors for FAW Xichai. "For example, in the five-nation upgrade, the single-pump technology was eliminated. Xichai has a good product reserve, and the higher the advantage, the greater the advantage." Li Qianyang believes that at the same time, Xichai will also have to cooperate with various partners. And the entire automobile factory is unified to a tune, in order to make the product brand actually lift.

In the face of downward pressure on the economy, FAW Xichai continued to improve its product quality and service management, and continuously accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. In the process of market expansion, it is always consistent from top to bottom, insisting that multiple brands go hand in hand and develop new market concertos for the future of the brand.

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