Carbon dioxide monitor design principle

The carbon dioxide monitor developed by Zhejiang Top Instrument uses advanced SCM technology and non-dispersive infrared gas sensor (NDIR) technology, featuring high measurement accuracy, long service life, and easy operation, and is suitable for detecting carbon dioxide gas in various working environments. concentration.
The basic principle of the non-dispersive infrared sensor is that gas molecules absorb infrared light of a specific wavelength, and the absorption relationship obeys the Lambert-Beer absorption law, that is, the infrared light source emits 1-20 um of infrared light, which passes certain The length of the chamber absorbs and irradiates a narrow-band filter with a wavelength of 4.26 μm. A thermopile sensor monitors the transmitted infrared light intensity to indicate the concentration of carbon dioxide gas. The thermopile converts the intensity of the infrared light into a voltage signal. After the amplification, A/D conversion processing and temporary storage processing, the measured gas concentration values ​​are displayed directly on the LCD screen.
When the gas concentration reaches the pre-set alarm value, the buzzer and LED will emit audible and visual alarm signals. When the power supply voltage drops to a certain level, the meter will automatically shut down.

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