Wuhan ship high power full-rotation rudder propeller device passed the acceptance

Recently, the high-power (3500KW) full-rotation rudder propeller device developed and produced by Wuhan Ship Machinery passed the acceptance test of experts from Harbin Engineering University, CCS Wuhan Branch, China Oilfield Service Division and 702. The research and development of the high-power full-rotation rudder propeller device is the third of the national high-tech ship scientific research project "Development of Dynamic Positioning System". It is the most important propeller in the dynamic positioning thruster system. The full-rotation rudder propeller device can be in the 360° range. The thrust is generated in any direction inside and can be widely applied to various ships and platforms. At present, the high-power full-rotation rudder propeller device is basically monopolized by famous foreign manufacturers such as Sweden Rolls-Royce, Holland Wärtsilä, Germany SCHOTTEL, and Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries.
The successful development of the project and the acceptance of the project broke the monopoly of foreign companies, filled the gap in the manufacture of domestically-adjusted high-power full-rotation rudder propellers, solved the domestic manufacturing and assembly problems of the device, and found a solution for adapting to special ship applications. An optimized solution.

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