Next year's focus on pushing three products Futian released 2014 new product roadmap

On November 21, 2013, at the grand opening of the 11th Guangzhou International Auto Show, Foton Motors unveiled seven key products, including its Mongolian Parker S-class, Mongolian Parker E-class, landscapes, extension landers, and Sapu conqueror pickups. At the auto show site, Foton Motor officially released its 2014 new product roadmap, and at the same time, it unveiled the final list of “polar drivers” and “polar dreamers” in the quality journey of Foton Auto Nanji.

To achieve a new pattern of development of six categories in 2014

Foton Landscape Lightbus <br> The data shows that in the first three quarters of 2013, Foton Motor sold nearly 500,000 vehicles, an increase of 5.8% over the same period of the previous year, as the overall industry became sluggish. In 2013, Foton Motor continued to make breakthroughs in technology research and development. In March, the first car networking business software platform independently developed by Foton Motor was officially launched; in September, the Auman GTL real car wind tunnel experiment successfully passed through the Mianyang wind tunnel laboratory in Sichuan. Completed; In October, Foton Motor also cooperated with Shandong University and Weifang Municipal People's Government to build the Futian Automobile Research Institute of Shandong University and the Shandong Engineering Academy of Futian Automobile. The continuous breakthrough in science and technology R&D has fully protected Futian Automotive's comprehensive development in the six major sectors, such as automobiles and new energy vehicles, construction machinery, new energy batteries, financial industry, modern logistics, and information technology services.

Futian Meng Parker E level

Futian Meng Parker S-Class Commercial Vehicles <br> Based on the continuous improvement of scientific and technological R&D level, Foton Motor will fully contribute to the market in 2014. Guangzhou Motor Show officially released the “2014 New Product Roadmap”, and Foton Motor will be launched in the coming year. The three key products include micro-vehicle products for the suburban freight market, Europe-based light passengers targeting the European VAN market, and landscape G7 products that have upgraded the existing “Fukuda Landscape”.

Foton Cummins ISF light-duty engine <br> will launch a series of new products in existing product brands Foton Motor, based on the realization of micro-car, commercial vehicle and other European Forum category and open up new extension. In particular, the addition of the mini vehicle section will enable Foton Motors to add new categories to the five categories of commercial vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, light trucks, passenger cars and pickup trucks, and realize a new pattern of six major categories. A more diversified product lineage not only satisfies the needs of customers in more market segments, but also further increases the product coverage and market influence of Foton Motor.

List of "Polar Drivers" and "Polar Dreamers" released

The quality journey of Foton Motors South Pole has experienced the first phase of signing with the State Oceanic Administration of China and assisting the 30th expedition of China’s Antarctic expedition team. The “Polar Driver” and “Polar” were officially announced at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The Dreamer’s final result was through 3 months of online voting and offline competition. Foton Motors’ Omagh user Fan Lianguo was selected as the “polar driver” in the polar challenge with a total score of 3 years. With the dream of "bringing ice and snow back to the Antarctic", he became a "polar dreamer." “Polar Driver” Fan Lianguo stated that he has always been a loyal user of Foton Motors. From the Aumac A system five years ago to the new Omaghine 1 system this year, Omar has always been the most trusted partner of his business contacts. This year, we are very pleased with the landing of Foton Motors in Antarctica.

Fu Tian, ​​deputy director of the car brand, said Huo Fu, Foton Motor and the Chinese State Oceanic Administration Polar Office cooperation, to help the 30th Antarctic scientific expedition of the Chinese expedition team, this time in addition to providing its Auman, Tuo Lu, Ou Hui as a protection car Fukuda Motor also recommended Chu Jianguo, an outstanding mechanic, to join the Antarctic scientific expedition protection team and participate in the vehicle support for the expedition. At the same time, Foton Motor launched the "Polar Driver" and "Polar Dreamer" selection activities, which are intended to appeal to more people to pay attention to China's marine science examinations through such activities.

From the information revealed at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, it can be seen that Foton Motor has achieved the cohesiveness of the brand through the strategic expansion of category expansion and the continuously enhanced product quality, and has continuously completed the transition from the independent Chinese brand leader to the world in the practice of innovation. Grade brand across.

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