Introduction to the main uses and classification of nylon rods

Nylon rods can be extruded into nylon rods and cast nylon rods (MC nylon rods). Extrusion of nylon rods is carried out by plasticizing and slicing the nylon chips in a plastic extruder. The nylon material is usually nylon 6,66,1010 chips.

The most important feature of nylon is its good wear resistance and self-lubricating performance. Its oil-free lubrication has a friction absorption of 0.1-0.3, which is about 1/3 of the Bard alloy, 1/4 of the phenolic resin, and has high tensile strength and chemical resistance. Good performance, density of 1.05-1.14 g / cm3, is a good material for plastic steel. Appearance is milky white translucent particles, because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in chemical, machinery, hardware, textile, electrical, shipbuilding, automotive industry, production of gears, turbines, bearings, couplings, seals, village sets and other wear-resistant Parts.

Nylon has many excellent properties and integration, so the price is relatively expensive, higher than general general plastics and engineering plastics. At present, the common nylon bars on the market are mainly extruded nylon 6 bars, cast nylon bars, and also many polypropylene and polyethylene color matching counterfeit nylon bars. This counterfeit nylon bar is misleading to consumers because of its low price. bigger.

stainless steel pig trough for piglets feeding equipments

1.pigs can clearly see the food, a eat enough.
2. pig drinking water was significantly more than 30% savings in water, reducing sewage and sewage treatment pressure.
3. to prevent the metal drinking water to scratch the pigs, to avoid the chance of traumatic infection.

Piglet Feeding Trough

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