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The high temperatures in recent days and the imminent arrival of summer have made refrigerated trucks increasingly sought after. With the rise of the cold chain logistics industry in recent years, the demand for refrigerated trucks is also increasing. Many customers have asked about the relevance of refrigerated trucks. The information, for which we have compiled some information, to facilitate everyone to understand how to choose a stable and reliable refrigerator car.
First of all, the choice of refrigerated trucks is basically similar to the selection of other special vehicles, mainly reflected in the chassis, tops, and key components. Specific to the refrigerated truck is the car chassis, insulation body and refrigeration unit in three parts, only these three parts are of reliable quality to ensure that refrigerated trucks in the refrigerated transport process is reliable and stable. Therefore, we choose to refrigerate cars should also be from these three aspects.

Chassis selection

1, truck chassis or tractor form

There is no rigid requirement for the choice of the chassis of the truck or the chassis of the tractor. The main reason is to determine the amount of cargo transported by itself and the transportation distance. Generally speaking, the light truck chassis is the short-haul option, and the medium-long-distance shipment volume is large. Heavy truck chassis, or traction semi-trailer form.

2, imported chassis or domestic car chassis

The advantages of imported chassis are low maintenance, good maneuverability and fuel economy. The disadvantage is that the price is too high. The biggest advantage of domestic car chassis is the low price and wide coverage of after-sales service stations, but the number of minor problems is slightly higher than that of imported cars.

Therefore, individuals and SMEs generally recommend buying a domestically-made chassis, and the cost of recycling is fast. In recent years, the quality of domestically-produced vehicles has also been continuously improved.

3, buy their own chassis or commissioned refrigerator manufacturers to buy

In fact, buying their own chassis and commissioned refrigerator manufacturers to buy the same, many buyers believe that commissioned refrigerator manufacturers to buy, manufacturers will make money in the middle, in fact, manufacturers often buy modified chassis generally have a good relationship with the chassis supplier, take The chassis price arrived is lower and it is more suitable for retrofit production.

Choice of insulation box

1, according to the amount of goods to choose insulation

The choice of the car body is related to the delivery of the specific goods. According to the user's specific needs to customize. For example, refrigerated trucks that carry fresh meat need to install stainless steel hooks on the car body; longer cabins can be equipped with floor vents as needed; frequent loading and unloading require more refrigerated trucks. Manufacturers can customize according to the specific needs of users.

2, Ordinary container change refrigerator

Many customers have asked whether ordinary containers can be changed into refrigerators. They think that using ordinary containers is more cost-effective. The answer is yes, but it is not recommended to use ordinary containers to change refrigerators. Because the general cargo compartment is made of iron or steel, the heat insulation effect is poor, and it is also easy to rust.

Refrigeration unit selection

When choosing a refrigeration unit, it is decided according to the temperature required to transport the goods. The temperature can be adjusted from zero to five degrees to minus 15 degrees and 18 degrees.

1. Independent or non-independent unit

Non-independent refrigeration units are cheap and easy to maintain. However, such a unit itself does not have a power plant, and it must rely on the automobile engine to drive the compressor; it is affected by the working conditions of the automobile engine and the performance is not as good as an independent unit.

Stand-alone refrigeration units have their own engine and generator units that provide power and electrical energy to the refrigeration system. Can work independently, not limited by the working status of the car engine. This cold machine performance is relatively stable, but the price is higher and accessories are more expensive.

Non-freezing refrigeration unit

In the short-distance distribution within the city or between the districts and counties, the use of non-independent units is recommended when the cars are about 7 meters or less. Not only is the procurement cost lower, even if a breakdown occurs, the maintenance is relatively convenient.

For long-distance transportation, where the carriage is more than 7 meters, it is recommended to use a stand-alone refrigerator, because even if the car engine stops working during long-distance transportation, the refrigerator can still be normally cooled to meet the safety of the transported items.

2, cryogenic or fresh-keeping units

In terms of price, the chilled units are expensive and the cooling temperature is lower. Fresh-keeping units are relatively cheap. However, for a cheaper fresh-keeping unit, the unit itself does not have a defrosting function. At the time of purchase, choose the cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit according to the different temperature requirements of the cargo transported by the refrigerated truck.

3, imported refrigeration unit or domestic refrigeration unit

Imported refrigeration units are expensive and have good cooling effect, and are suitable for users with strong economic strength. Domestic refrigeration units still have a certain gap with foreign brands in temperature control, especially in semi-trailer refrigerated trucks.

When choosing a refrigerated truck, it is necessary to select the refrigerated truck's chassis, warming compartment and refrigeration unit according to their actual needs.

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