Analysis of Causes - Causes of Vehicle Overheating

In general, the key points of operation when the vehicle passes through a place with accumulated water are: high torque, low-speed passage, and the use of a gear and a modest increase of the throttle through the area of ​​accumulated water (the vehicle of the automatic transmission hangs up the L position or the first gear). It is generally advisable not to risk advancing when the water depth exceeds the bottom edge of the bumper, as the vehicle will evoke waves when it travels, and water can easily enter the cylinder through the engine intake. Because water is liquid and incompressible, if it enters the cylinder of a running engine, the compressed water will have a huge reaction force, causing the failure of the connecting rod, the crankshaft deformation, and even the cylinder burst. Another kind of sudden engine extinguishing situation is: due to the low speed of the engine when the vehicle passes through the accumulated water, the water enters the exhaust pipe, causing the engine exhaust to bleed due to sluggishness. Don't try to ignite at this time. You should call the trailer to help you the first time. Because there is a high possibility of water in the cylinder of the engine at this time, once the engine is forced to operate, it will cause a more serious failure.

In addition, what if the vehicle is flooded while parked? First of all, first look at the approximate height of the water. When the water depth is about half a tire height, the engine should not enter the water. After the water is retreated, it will be sent to the maintenance workshop to clean the chassis or exhaust pipe. When the water depth exceeds half the height of the tire, the engine room and crew compartment may have been flooded, and the electrical system will be flooded and short-circuited. At this time, the engine must not be rushed to start. Wait until the stagnant water recedes, and then tow the trailer to the maintenance workshop for maintenance. If you start the car rashly, it may cause serious damage.

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