Jingjiang into Jiangsu Auto Parts Industry Base

On December 11, 2012, the reporter learned from the Jingjiang City Economic and Information Commission that Jingjiang was recently recognized by the Provincial Economic and Credit Commission as the “Automobile Parts Industry Base in Jiangsu Province”, which indicates that the development of the Jingjiang Auto Parts Industrial Cluster has achieved significant results.

At present, Jingjiang Auto Parts Industry has formed the advantages of industrial cluster development. There are about 300 special-purpose vehicles, auto parts and related companies in the city, with an annual sales of over 10 billion yuan, accounting for about 10% of the industrial economy, and the emergence of new-generation automobiles. Spare parts such as parts and components, Huada Auto Parts, Haoyue Auto Lock, Hengli Brakes, Hengyi Auto Parts, Chenyang Electric Light Source, Gelton Driveshaft, Huatong Electromechanical, Gold Card Auto Parts, Everlasting Coating, Haori Auto Parts, etc. There are 22 million yuan enterprises. Under the situation of increasing downward pressure on the economy this year, the Jingjiang Auto Parts Industry still stands out, and the output value of the auto parts industry in the first 9 months is up 42% year-on-year, making it the largest increase in the city's industrial sector. According to Sun Xueshan, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Jingjiang’s auto parts industry has distinct characteristics. First, the advantages of industrial clusters are obvious. A group of enterprises with a size exceeding 500 million yuan and over 1 billion yuan has emerged; the second is the focus on misplaced development, with more than 300 products. Respectively do their own special, strong, product market is also dislocation development; Third, leading enterprises into sub-sectors "single champion", Haoyue car locks, Glenton drive shaft, constant brake, Huatong Electrical and Electronics occupy the top of the peer, new process, Huada's domestic auto parts market share exceeds 20%; Fourth, the competitive advantage in transformation and upgrading is obvious. The backbone enterprise equipment level has reached the domestic first-class, all have CNC machining centers, provincial-level research and development centers. It is understood that the auto parts industry has become one of the five traditional industries that the city focuses on fostering. By 2015, the invoice sales will exceed 20 billion yuan.

The honors of “Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Industry Base” were Haimen, Gaogang Hi-tech Park and Taixing City, and Rugao was identified as “Provincial New Energy Auto Industry Base”. Yancheng was identified as “Provincial Automobile Industry”. base".

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