CNC system and mold technology restrict the development of terminal industry

The lagging development of numerical control systems and functional components has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's terminal industry. The domestic market share of domestic mid-range CNC systems is only 35%, while more than 95% of high-end CNC systems rely on imports. The overall market share of functional components in the domestic market is about 30%, and the market share of high-end functional components is even lower. According to the statistics of China's customs, in 2010 China's import numerical control system amounted to 1.81 billion U.S. dollars, and machine tool accessories (including functional components and fixtures) amounted to 1.62 billion U.S. dollars.

The overall level of product quality in China's machine tool industry has been greatly improved, but in terms of product quality stability and reliability, such as: high early failure rate of the machine tool, short cycle of accuracy and stability, engineering capacity coefficient (CPK value), Mean time between failure (MTBF) indicators and other international advanced levels still have a certain gap.

The machine tool industry belongs to a technology-intensive, capital-intensive, talent-intensive industry, with a wide range of industries, many varieties, small quantities, and high social benefits. At present, the medium and high-end numerical control systems and key functional components supported by the industry mainly depend on imports. The value-added technology of most products is low, and the industry as a whole is still in the middle and low end of the international industrial chain. The overall economic efficiency of the industry is low, and the profitability is poor. There is still a certain gap between countries.

In addition, the precision of China's mold design and development and mold technology have yet to be improved. Most of the mold companies are still struggling in the mold industry. Repeated construction and vicious competition are common, which seriously restricts the development of mold enterprises. At the same time, it also restricted the development of the overall industry of domestic terminal blocks.

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