Quality of different types of model parts

The circumferential pitch deviation is calculated as a result of testing all 73 mesh pitches with a -5070 pitch gauge. And in this case, the measurement is made from the first toothed groove in the grinding direction. The pitch deviation and the inspection of each parameter list the circumferential pitch deviation fptr of the two 20Cr2Ni4A steel ring gears calculated according to the measured values, and the majority of the ring gear 1 is the radial component of the error, and the ring gear 2 is the cut. To the component. In these two cases, the left and right sides of the measuring tooth are in the grinding direction, starting from the same tooth groove, but this tooth groove is arbitrary. It should be noted that 14 circumferential pitch deviations in the 146 of the ring gear 1 and 15 circumferential pitch deviations on the ring gear 2 have opposite expected signs, but the general regularity of these errors corresponds to the predetermined value reflected in) .

Because the above adjustment of the ring gear (z = 73, x = +0.079), the optimization adjustment has almost no effect (the time to grind one part is only shortened by 2% to 4%), so the processing of all parts is in the standard adjustment. Completed under. At this time, the dressing angle of the grinding wheel is equal to the original tooth angle of the ground part, that is, sand ==20°, and the adjusted lever arm is 690 mm.

After grinding, the length of the common normal line and the variation on the width of the ring gear and along the width of the ring gear were examined for the ring gear, and the meshing pitch was checked, and the magnetic powder flaw detection method was used to check whether there was a crack. The tooth profile and tooth orientation were examined on a 45CrNi steel ring gear using a PFSV-1200 detector. Measuring three circumferentially distributed teeth indicates that the toothing error is 16 m along the left side and 26 m along the right side, while the tooth profile errors are 34 m and 42 m, respectively, and a negative deviation is found when measuring from the root to the crest. The measured tooth profile deviation does not match the meshing pitch deviation of the same part.

The inspection of the meshing pitch has been studied in more detail, because the test method implemented can evaluate the accuracy of the gear grinding mechanism in many cases, characterize the cutting process, and provide grounded recommendations for fine-tuning machine tools. . The meshing pitch deviation is checked by three types of pitch meters: the contact distance instrument of "Ke. Cheyce" (formerly the German Democratic Republic), the domestic 21501 tangent tooth distance meter and the domestic -6070 type tangent - Contact pitch instrument (maximum number of measurements). The adjustment of any of the above-described pitch meters is performed by two marking teeth of the gear sample having the number of teeth z=23, thereby shortening the time of this process.

On each part, it is necessary to start with a previously marked tooth groove in the grinding direction and to inspect all 73 teeth on both sides. Sometimes, the measurement begins with the first toothed groove, but in most cases the measurement starts from any tooth. In order to evaluate the stability of the pitching machine, the first three pitches should be repeated at the end of the test.

It is not enough to make a rigorous conclusion from the above-mentioned precision data of the grinding teeth, especially the test of almost no contact standard. However, there is no doubt that replacing the 45CrNi steel with high frequency quenching into the 20Cr2Ni4A carburized steel ring gear will not cause additional difficulty for the manufacturer to ensure the grinding accuracy.

Measuring the length of the common normal line indicates that the specified B-type joint is completely suitable for the induction hardened gear from the viewpoint of the manufacturing process, but it is suitable to enlarge the common normal length tolerance (tooth thickness) of the carburized steel gear according to the A-type joint. In order to comply with the recommendations of the relevant literature. In addition, the above data is a raw material that compares the current manufacturing process of traction drives in the transportation machinery manufacturing industry with more advanced processes in the future.


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