At present, the domestic natural gas production in the petrochemical industry keeps expanding

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With the gradual completion and production of domestic coal chemical projects, coal-based natural gas will become one of the mainstream development directions for alternative energy sources in the future. The reporter learned that the current domestic natural gas production in the petrochemical industry has continued to expand. In addition, the West-East Gas Pipeline Network has been completed and put into production, and a large-scale natural gas liquefaction plant construction boom is emerging nationwide. Among them, the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) project The scale reached an annual output of 6 million tons.

“Now that the price of gasoline is getting higher and higher, people’s willingness to use natural gas for cars is becoming more intense. The advantages of using compressed natural gas (CNG) refilling stations, such as low investment and quick profits, have mushroomed in various parts of the country, which is also spreading throughout the country. Natural gas operators have provided new opportunities for development, said Meng Jianjie, production manager of Zhengzhou Da You Gas Co., Ltd., told reporters.

It is estimated that a car refueling station can earn nearly 10 million yuan each year. According to statistics, as of now, the national auto refueling stations have grown from 870 in December 2009 to more than 1,000 today. In addition, there are nearly 1,000 home refueling stations, industrial gas stations, commercial gas stations under construction and planned construction.

The high price of oil promoted the prosperity of commercial and industrial gas markets, and natural gas operators also ushered in the spring of development. At present, hundreds of CNG receiving stations with receiving capacities of 100 million cubic meters or more have been built in various parts of the country, and natural gas operations have achieved remarkable results.

Da You Gas is currently the largest CNG receiving station in the country and the largest liquefied natural gas storage and distribution station in Henan Province. According to Meng Jianjie’s introduction, based on the current status of China’s lack of gas and oil-rich coal, coal-gas-producing projects are now planned in coal-rich areas such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, which has also become one of the major sources of natural gas in the central region.

“In recent years, coal-rich provinces such as Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang have begun to attach importance to the extension of the coal chemical industry chain and build clean energy projects. They use inferior lignite to develop and produce high-quality coal-based natural gas. For example, the country’s first annual production of 4 billion cubic meters of coal The gas demonstration project, Datang Keqi Coal-to-Natural Gas Company, plans to open up the whole process on June 30 this year and produce qualified natural gas. Once the demonstration project is completed and put into production, it will not only be an economy but also an industry prosperity. "Xu Hongdu, general manager of Fuxin Aode Gas Co., Ltd. thinks this way.

“As a large-scale domestic gas company, our company has established subsidiaries throughout the country. We have been optimistic about the surrounding markets since the beginning of the project. We have planned 12 natural gas receiving stations in Chifeng, Ximeng and other places in Inner Mongolia. And build a gas-filling mother station, with an annual acceptance capacity of 200 million cubic meters or more, and some of the receiving stations have been completed and put into production. We are very optimistic about the prospects of coal-based natural gas.” Xu Hongdu is full of confidence.

“At present, natural gas operators have not only taken a comprehensive attack on civil, commercial and industrial sectors, but also paid special attention to the consumption of domestic natural gas heavy trucks. The heavy truck gas refueling market is also a fertile ground for future development. Therefore, we currently have two 1000 cubic meters of natural gas. Based on the tanks, this year will see two more 100-ton LNG tanks, considering the future gas market for heavy trucks. Because we are rich in mineral resources here, we are a potential market for natural gas heavy trucks.” Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia According to Li Changli, deputy general manager of Jinchuan Gas Co., Ltd.

Although the prospects of natural gas operators are good at present, the industry still has many concerns about some of the issues under development.

“In addition to industrial and civilian use in our local area, the development speed of the autogas refueling market has not kept pace. LNG transported from Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and other places has not been able to successfully promote the downstream auto refueling market,” said Meng Jianjie.

It is understood that the main reasons for this status are as follows: Firstly, the approval procedure for newly-built auto gas stations is cumbersome and the cycle is too long; second, there are too many restrictions, management departments are not unified, and the relevant departments cooperate with poor coordination; third, the density of stations built around the country is not One; Fourth, the domestic natural gas resources are not evenly distributed, and the construction progress of the inter-city gas pipeline network is slow. In addition, there are also problems in the transportation of natural gas by medium and long-distance buses. These problems led to the inability of smooth sales of natural gas resources.

Industry insiders suggested that relevant government departments should improve the approval process as soon as possible, and qualified regions could take the lead in opening up green channels to help natural gas operators accelerate the development and comprehensive utilization of the autogas refueling market. This is also the main way to improve the coal chemical industry chain. one. At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively regulate natural gas transportation companies from the aspects of transportation qualifications, training of escorts, and vehicle audits to ensure the safe and smooth flow of natural gas.

Although companies in the industry still have some concerns about the allocation and transportation of natural gas resources, the good prospects for development, considerable economic benefits, and optimism in supply of gas sources still give many gas companies in China confidence in their future prospects.

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