The Orphans of the Tangshan Earthquake Served for the People's Liberation Army and Enlisted for 36 Years

Orphans of the Tangshan Earthquake for the People’s Liberation Army’s rescue and support of the army 36 years diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-07-28

On the day of the 36th anniversary of the Tangshan Earthquake on July 28 in Tangshan, Tian Jinfang, an orphan who was rescued by the People’s Liberation Army in the ruins, once again entered the army and continued her consistent journey of seeking relatives, supporting the army, and repaying grace. Today, the officers and soldiers of the troops called her "Mama Tian."
On the 28th, in the brigade of the Tangshan Armed Police Force, Tian Jinfang held an old military cap and told more than 150 officers: In the Tangshan Earthquake, a soldier rescued her from the ruins one day and one night. And put this army cap on her bleeding head. Since then, Tian Jinfang has decided to look for benefactors and has gone through 36 years to repay the troops.
Today, Tian Jinfang suffers from two types of cancer. He has performed seven major operations and still insists on condoling troops. He also raises funds and organizes an army troupe to “support the army for thousands of miles”. She traveled almost all over the country and she consoled the Hong Kong troops. Tian Jinfang's story touched many fighters. She was also named "Hebei Province Patriotic Army Model."
This time, Tian Jinfang brought more than 1,000 programs for the soldiers to support the military atlas and art troupe. In the barracks, the young soldiers were neat and welcomed in line, and the words "Mother Tian" let the barracks be full of affection. Tian Jinfang said: "Every day I arrive on July 28, I am even more concerned about the life-saving benefactor. Arming the army is my belief in life and it also supports me to live today."
Xu Yunfeng, a soldier from Jilin, said that Tian Mu came to the army many times. She truly cared about our soldiers in a foreign land. Her gratitude also made us understand the profound meaning of the “military and civilian fish and water conditions”. As young military personnel, we should be concerned about the safety of the people and sacrifice their youth and blood.
Li Zhiwei, a coach of the brigade and a squadron, said that the story of Tian Mu gave a lot of encouragement to the officers and soldiers, and let us feel the status of our soldiers in the hearts of the Tangshan people. At the same time, she also brought mother-like warmth to young warriors from all over the world. As resident officers and men, we should also keep in mind the mission and escort the development of New Tangshan.
This time, with the troops participating in the Tangshan earthquake to rescue and rescue the disaster, when he was the 8th Army, 114 divisions and 8 companies led by Jiang Guangxu also made a special trip from Dalian. He said that every time he came to Tangshan, he was very excited and looked at the changes in New Tangshan and felt very happy.
On July 28, 1976, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Tangshan. This century-old industrial city was instantly destroyed and 242,000 people were killed. More than 7,200 families died in the family's death, tens of thousands of families disintegrated, and 4,204 were orphaned. According to department statistics, nearly half of the 4,204 orphans now have become the backbone of the industry. In the 36 years, they have dedication to the construction of New Tangshan in all walks of life. (Finish)
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