Fixed instrument failure and troubleshooting

Sulphur analyzer common faults and exclusion [1] air tightness of the gas pipeline:

Flowmeter indication should be between 0.8~~1.2. If airtightness is reduced, the following components should be inspected: Flowmeters, glass tubes, rubber tubes, and pneumatic connections.

[2] electrolytic cell

1. Leakage in the electrolytic cell leads to a decrease in the airtightness of the gas path.

2. Dirt on the pole piece in the electrolytic cell should be cleaned 3. The pole piece and controller in the electrolytic cell should be connected reliably.

[3] Blender:

The disappearance of the magnetic force of the stir bar is a common cause of stirring out-of-step and should be replaced.

[4] temperature control section

1, A. The temperature shows 1999°C, indicating that the thermocouple circuit is not open or its internal circuit is open.

B. The temperature does not increase at all times, but there is a heating current, which means that the thermocouple is reversed.

C. If the temperature shows room temperature, it means that the thermocouple wire is short-circuited.

2, the temperature value is less than the set furnace temperature, there should be heating furnace flow. If the furnace flow shows 0.0A, it means that the insurance tube is bad, and the internal opening of the silicon carbon tube itself or the connection is not connected.

3, temperature fluctuations are too large, generally the reason for the silicon carbon tube.

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