China Drying News In the second half of November, Haili Chemical, a domestic manufacturer of epichlorohydrin, announced that the price of epichlorohydrin was reduced to 9900 yuan (t price, the same below). The domestic market once again fell below the million mark. At the end of November, the mark
Soft-film ceilings have been widely used by people nowadays. However, few people really research the surface treatment analysis of soft-film ceilings. Life Xiaobian has obtained relevant data to share the analysis of soft-film ceiling treatment. The best coating material in the market today is the
This winter, Beijing, breathing became a problem. This winter, all over the country, masks "fire" up. In the winter when dragons and snakes alternated, the sharp drop in air quality caused the traveler to start quietly “covering” his face. The severe haze in the lar
February 19, 2013, China's Sinopec oil company received the German ZF (ZF) company sent a certified letter, the Great Wall of hydraulic drive Braking Three oil (ZF) to obtain ZFTE-ML06R standard certification, and has been written ZF's latest TE-ML06R oil certification list. TE-ML06