Chu Sheng Company Nondestructive Testing Chusheng Company has a complete quality assurance system. The main body of the can body is welded with X-rays. The first-pass rate is more than 99%. 1: Chu Sheng 5 tons refueling vehicle Xiagong Chusheng (Hubei) S
Sartorius balance display does not show whether the 1.220V power supply is normal, whether the balance power transformer is normal (no load about 18V) and whether the DC power plug is plugged in with the balance. 2. When the balance is connected to a PC or other peripheral, the special RS232 cable
With the rapid development and deep application of a new round of information technology such as global cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and the mobile Internet, the development of urban informatization is brewing major changes and new breakthroughs, with the object and process being digitiz
Installation and requirements of the electronic fence host: 1, the host placed a special cabinet protection; 2. The high-voltage lead-out line must be installed according to the standard configuration line provided by the original manufacturer. It must not be purchased separately. In case you ne
The pull rope switch is divided into two kinds of manual reset and automatic reset, and it needs to meet the national IP level. Automatic reset: Automatically returns to the initial position after the action, but it may cause an error start. Manual reset: After the action, there is a self-locking