Photovoltaic water pumps, also known as solar water pumps, are often used in remote areas where there is no electricity or electricity, and use highly accessible and inexhaustible solar energy to achieve high economical and reliable water supply. Photovoltaic water pumps are fully automati
Gasoline cutting machine introduction [words]: gasoline welding machine (phonetic): qìyóu qiēgējī [Introduction]: Gasoline cutting machine is a high-efficiency tool for the flame processing of metal by high-temperature flame produced by gasoline without pressure self-prim
Compared with the previous two years, when the growth rate was as high as 30% to 40%, the Chinese automobile market could be regarded as a “depression year” in 2011. Nevertheless, the competition among car companies has only increased. According to the survey, nearly
Project Name: East Platinum Hyde Mansion Project (RMB 370 million in 2011-2015) Region: Hubei Progressive Stage: Construction Under Construction Construction Period: 2011-2015 Major Equipment: Cranes, Building Materials, Exterior Wall Decoration Materials, Door and Window Glass, Elevators, Sanitar