First, the packing seal maintenance methods 1, clean the centrifugal pump stuffing box, and check the shaft surface for scratches, burrs and so on. Stuffing box should be clean, shaft surface should be smooth. 2, check the shaft runout, rotor unbalance should be within the allowable
On January 15, 2016, Weihai Zhongyuan Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the first class “Haidun” BOS ballast water system (WY223 project) successfully passed the classification company product inspection and customer site acceptance, marking the products of Weihai CO
Unique radiation shielding technology can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal direction without blind spots, even in underwater 100 meters work is still stable and reliable ...... Institute of Photoelectric Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a nuclear-based underwater radiation
High vacuum butterfly valve high vacuum butterfly valve is to change the direction of gas through the solenoid valve to control the implementation of cylinder-driven butterfly valve for opening and closing movement. GIQ series high-vacuum butterfly valve for high vacuum system is used to connect or